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Specialties:  Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Massage, Deep Tissue,

Sports Massage and Oriental Medicine  


10 years experience specializing in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Myofascial Release.  Advanced training in Tui Na, Kototama Shiatsu and Acupressure.  Great results with low back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel and hip pain.  Vast experience in treating chronic migraines and headache. ​ 


Specialties:  Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage and Hot Stones

Hi, I’m May.  I practice the healing art of Traditional Thai Massage.  I combine stretching with massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and meridians.  I communicate with my clients effectively during treatments, especially when treating injuries or pain.  I am very target oriented and apply trigger point therapy when specific muscles are involved.  My passion for therapeutic massage continues to grow with increased focus on pain management.


Operations Manager

​Specialties:  Medical Massage, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Swedish, Neuromuscular Massage, Oriental Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Acupressure and Reflexology.  ​Experienced LMT for more than 20 years. Educated in Health Science and Chinese Oriental Medicine.  Significant training in massage therapy including Swedish, Reflexology, Craniosacral and Acupressure, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Sports massage.  I am a specialized technician in various modalities including NMT, MET, PNF, MFR, TrPT & DTM.


Specialty:  Lymphatics​

Patricia Marie Huband is a native New Mexican, born and raised in the Southern NM – Las Cruces area.  From an early age, she was intrigued by and involved with mental/emotional health and physical rehabilitation.  For over 20 years, PMH has been a manual, body-work therapist – specializing in Lymphatic Health and Lymphedema treatment. In 2012, PMH moved to ABQ to complete her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy at the UNM School of Medicine.  Currently she works at the UNM Hospital, maintains a private practice, and provides home-health services. She is actively teaching everyday people in the community and other healthcare providers/therapists throughout the nation about Wholistic Wellness. She is passionate about educating people on the crucial role the Lymphatic System - the body’s “garbage disposal”, plays in conjunction with immune health, general wellbeing, and all swelling conditions.  Here’s to your Good Health = A Good Life !


Specialty:  Myofascial Therapy, ​Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Spontaneous Muscle Release, Cupping, Thai massage, Sports massage, Swedish massage 

Hi I’m Carol. I have been a Doctor of Oriental Medicine for 14 years. I have had hands on bodies providing trigger point therapy and spontaneous muscle release technique (SMRT) as part of acupuncture treatments for 12 years. I loved the bodywork so much that I became a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I am passionate about understanding the body and helping people get rid of pain.  My beliefs about bodywork guide my practice: I believe the most effective treatments work with the body and the nervous system rather than against them.  No two bodies are the same; therefore, no two treatments are the same.  Listening to the client is crucial.  Health is created by the things we do every day, and bodywork is an essential part of staying healthy.  I can’t wait to help you live your best, pain-free life.


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Specialties: Medical Massage, Myofascial Therapy, Fibromyalgia Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, and Hot Stones

Cindy has been practicing in the massage field for more than 20 years!  She is certified in many massage modalities to include: Pre-natal, Post-natal and infant massage, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Therapy and its applications, Sports massage, Cryotherapy, Aromatherapy and applications in Hydrotherapy.  Cindy also has specialized training in Medical massage, Fibromyalgia massage, neck and back assessment and treatment and Myofascial therapy.  Cindy has an extensive knowledge base in anatomy and physiology and application of therapeutic treatment.  I believe that massage is important for both your body and mind.  As the body receives the benefits of relaxation, the mind also receives healing and is soothed to have balance.  I would like to help you with your healing process and build a wonderful working relationship with lasting benefits.   

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Specialties: Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Sports Massage and Hot Stones

Hi. My name is Danilo.  I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2009 and have enjoyed every minute of it!  I'm especially drawn to doing Deep Tissue Massage and Healing.  I find there are many people who need this modality and I am very thorough and have controlled focus.  In addition I also specialize in Trigger Point Therapy and Reflexology and have extensive education and experience with Chinese Medicine and its different components.  I look forward to meeting up with many new clients while continuing to offer quality massages to my former clients. Thank you for your support.  



Specialties:  Reiki Healing: Certified Reiki Level Three Master/Teacher

​​Hello I'm Jennafer! I have been in the field of holistic, mental health and energy work for over 10 years. I have my Masters in Psychology with a specialization in marriage and family therapy. Prior to healing full time I practiced in rehabilitation center's, correctional facilities and private practice. As a certified natural practitioner I take pride in knowledge of the Usui/Japanese/Tibetan Reiki System of natural healing. Reiki, Energy and Holistic Healing is a spiritual way of life for me as I come from a long line of ancestral natural healers aimed to bring peace to individuals, animals and situations alike.  I am a certified Master Reiki Practitioner and Advanced Reiki Master Teacher.  I obtained my advanced teaching certification in June of 2017 and am pursuing a doctorate in metaphysics.  It is my life purpose to spread the seeds of healing through the sacred art of Reiki. Let's work together to alleviate any unwanted symptoms and find that balance in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual world that you have always desired! Namaste! 


Specialties: Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Massage and Swedish Massage

My name is Melissa and I have been an LMT for over 3 years.  My specialties include Swedish massage, Neuromuscular massage and Trigger Point therapy.  As a massage therapist I believe it is my mission to provide healing that is effective physically, mentally and spiritually.  It is truly an honor to work with each individual, and even more rewarding to see the benefits that massage therapy can bring.  In a world so fast paced and often stressful, we all need self care.  I am a believer in the light that each of us instills and even more so in our journey to healing.  With that said I am grateful to be here, and I am blessed to be working among so many talented people, who share this same mission.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​